Q1. Why do I need to use an eform for my application?
The VCGLR has introduced the “eForm”, also known as a “Smart Form”, to reduce application processing time.  eForms are filled out on your computer, with prompts to guide you. You then print off the form, sign it then submit it to the VCGLR in the usual way.  Applicants who use the eForms are more likely to have their applications accepted and processed without delay than those who hand-write the application and run the risk of errors and omissions.
Q2. How secure is my personal information?
The VCGLR uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption on all eForms application lodged via the VCGLR website.  However the VCGLR does not take responsibility of the security of your eForm data when it is saved on your local computer or on any portable storage media.    Once your application form is completed and submitted to VCGLR your data is treated as confidential in the same way it would have been treated if you filled out a normal application form. Your privacy is protected by legislation.
Q3. Why Do I still need to provide a paper copy of my application form to the VCGLR?
It is important that, once your application is complete, you submit a hard copy to the VCGLR. Some original documents and your signature are mandatory and your application cannot be processed without these.

Q4. Who do I contact for assistance with my application?
Each application type comes with its own contact details to enable you to get help from the appropriate VCGLR staff. When you view the VCGLR eForm on line, you will see a number of tabs, one of which is the “About” tab. The About tab contains contact information (phone number and email address) specific to the application form that you are looking at.

Q5. Do I need special software to complete a VCGLR eform?
You need two types of software:
  • · a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Opera;and
  • · a “pdf reader”,
to successfully download, complete and print a VCGLR eForm.
Almost every computer has a web browser – it comes with the operating system.
Most computers have pdf reader software installed. If not, pdf reader software is freely available for downloading from the Internet. One such version is available from http://get.adobe.com/reader/